Saturday, September 21, 2013

Update! ♥Bunny Post♥

 Hello Lovelies,

I know I haven't posted in a while, and here's why: my rabbit, Julie, became very sick with an inner ear infection. I've spent most of the past two weeks caring for her and worrying, so I haven't been online as much as usual. She developed a pretty bad head tilt, and I plan on posting a video on YouTube about it some time next week, just to share her story and to give some helpful tips on caring for your bunny if he/she develops a head tilt too!

I'm very happy to say that she has recovered completely in terms of the head tilt, and I hope we can stop with the meds soon. It's bad to take antibiotics for long periods of time...

Anyway, here are some before & after pics, In the photo on the left (taken 09/08/13), you can see that one side of her head is facing upward....yes, her head was nearly tilted to 90 degree angle at its worst! On the right is Julie from this past Thursday, and as you can see her head is straight!

Her recovery is actually a very fast one, from what I've read online, it usually took months to cure!
To give you an idea of the time line, I saw her head tilt on Sept 4, took her to the vet next day, and started the medications Sept 6th. It was gone on Sept 19th.
Today she is very hyper, energetic, and her appetite is back to normal.

My only complaint is that now that she's back to her normal self she doesn't want to stay still when I'm giving her the meds lol! But I'm very glad she's back to normal♥.

That's all folks ;D

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chicago Fashion Outlets Haul + E.L.F Haul!

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to go check out the new mall that opened up in Rosemont, Chicago Fashion Outlets Mall. Personally, I really, really like it! It's actually smaller than Woodfield, but it has a lot of stores that Woodfield doesn't!
For example, it's got Gucci, Prada, DKNY, etc!

We didn't get to go to the Gucci or Prada stores--several of these high end fashion shops had a line of at least 30 people outside them, waiting to go in!

We went to quite a few stores!
We went to Lindt, Lolli & Pops, Aeropostale and Guess, as well as few other stores.

Without further ado, here are my spoils!

 Lolli&Pops had a little Japanese candy section, so naturally I got ALL THE THINGS! I got the HK tote to carry all the goodies in~

My boo also bought me chocolates form the Lindt store but I forgot to take a pic >.<
 The Guess store was having a sale so I got this hoodie, and for my bf I got a leather jacket that's also black with similar grey stripes (yay matching!). Naturally a girl needs pants to match with her new hoodie, so I stopped by Aeropostale and got a pair of grey Jeggings! They were 50% off, but I went there because they were having some "world's best fitting jeans" sale for $18, I guess this pair wasn't included but either way they were just $25 anyway, and I don't mind paying that for a pair that fits as perfectly as these do!

On left: This is my shopping outfit for the day~ Top and wedges are from Target, bag from Discovery, and shorts from F21.
On right: This is my love looking boss in Hugo Boss! Sadly they didn't have this jacket in black!
He looked so handsome in it though♥


My E.L.F haul came in on Friday, even though it was expected to arrive this Tuesday!

Not a huge haul, but I got two lip stains, one lip plumper+tint, some blush, eyeliner, two long-lasting gel shadows, and the palette.

The pink lip stain is awesome, great for gradient lips! The eyeliner is awful--the brush is an actual brush with strands, not much precision there at all.

The best part of my haul, though, is the palette and the blush!
The colors are very vibrant and pigmented! I've been wearing it all day and its staying just fine and not creasing. It's also a really pretty design, it includes ALL the colors.

Not the best pic but my camera is my phone's front facing one, it sucks! This is the best I could do to capture how pigmented the shadows and blush (shade is Peachy Keen) are! I'm also wearing the Confetti gel shadow but it mostly shows a bit on that left eye, camera didn't pick it up very well ><
I also added the aegyosal (eyebags) to my look today! I think this look is great for those who wear glasses because it opens up your eyes and it's very bright!

Well that's all for today, hope you enjoyed my post :3