Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shopping is Love~ Hollister, Shiro Cosmetics, JillPunxLoli! + 1000 views Giveaway!!

Hello my dears!

I wrote a post earlier this month but as I did it on the Blogger app on my phone, the draft didn't get saved on the account and it refuses to publish anything when I include photos! Quite annoying.
Anyway, starting from scratch again!

Today my Hollister order arrived. They were having a sale again and shipping was free for orders over $50!

I haven't had a chance to try them all on yet, I'm sure they will fit fine, I just hope the Gilly Hicks bralette isn't too tight because I bought XS, and even though the bust measurement matches mine, I'm not sure if it'll feel comfortable after a while. Hopefully it will because it will look so cute under that crop top, which has a crochet design in the back and the bralette would show through :)
Shipping was kind of slow, I placed my order on 04/20. Perhaps that had to do with the Easter holiday xD

My order from JillPunxLoli on Ebay arrived as well, I purchased these Ank Rouge replicas.
Both are suspender skirts!

I thought the blouse was the same color as the beige skirt....but whatever. Buttons aren't missing.

 I'd say it's F21 quality. It's soft and undamaged, but as you can see, the fabric is coming through these seams here on the collar.

Also, on one skirt, they forgot to sew on a button, bu that's an easy fix, plus I don't plan on using the suspenders much anyway!
 Overall, I'm satisfied with the order. Both skirts are lined btw, and the fabric is NOT sheer at all. Print is clear as well. It all cost me about $66 with shipping!

Last but certainly not least, a friend on Facebook recommended Shiro Cosmetics to me, as they have many vegan shadows available. I have sensitive eyes and have found that UD shadow doesn't irritate them while anything that is Sephora or ELF quality does! So I bought a few samples.
Shiro was so nice, they included a little pack of SweetTarts! And they kindly included 2 free samples as well (the gold tone and aqua one at the top). The samples are very generous, and honestly the only reason I bought the samples rather than an actual tub is so that I can test it first to make sure my eyes are fine with it! Also, the black chapstick smells like chocolate and the brown one like caramel! yummmm!
Lovely service and company, would recommend them!

And noooowwwww *drumrollllll*
In celebration of 1000 pageviews, I'd like to do a giveaway!

1 x Japanese gummy candy
1 x small star hard candies
1 x Sanrio My Melody Notepad with 3 different style pages 
1 x Cinnamaroll coin pouch


There will be ONE lucky winner! Giveaway ends May 15th, 2014 at midnight, CST.
Winner will be contacted via Facebook so please check your "Others" folder if you do not see a message from me in your inbox!

To enter the giveaway:
1. Leave a comment on this post.
2. Follow me (Google+ link in right panel of this page).
3. Share my Facebook link for this post [click here] and make sure to mention your blogger username, and make your post public so I can see :)

Edit: Contest ended, thanks for playing ;D
Winner will has been contacted♥


  1. Thank you! And thanks for entering, your entry is noted :3