Thursday, November 21, 2013

Update and hana-kei!

Hi dears,

I waited some time before updating because I was waiting for my new dresses to arrive, so here are my 3 new Liz Lisa dresses!

I'm updating from my phone so I hope they show alright on pc ^^;

The worn pics are my outfits from earlier this week, for work. In the last pic, the only LL item is the cardigan, it's really warm!

So I was thinking this morning, I like the concept of Roma-gyaru but I don't want to be part of it since I don't really wear gyaru make up or hair (and don't want to do that every day). I love the romantic, elegant, sweet, innocent style that Liz Lisa embodies. So I thought, why not create a new fashion substyle/category? I call it Hana-kei!

It's basically what you see in my pics, the style consists of floral main pieces (doesn't have to be a dress tho) hence why I chose the Japanese world "hana" which means flowers.
I considered "roma-kei" but Roma is the politically correct term for gypsies, and that's not the look we're going for lol.

This style is very versatile. It's very similar to Roma-gyaru but it is NOT a gyaru style! This is a daily, feminine style that is very romantic, and natural looking. Anyone can do this style and many already do! There are no rules, except that your main piece should be floral and that it is a romantic print, not a kitschy or bright print (i.e. ma*rs prints). You should aim for neutral and earthy tones. No neons! XD