Wednesday, August 5, 2015

[Review] ToAlice and SpreeNow!

Yesterday my SpreeNow order arrived! I got 2 dresses from ToAlice and 2 purses from a random taobao shop.

I ordered the dresses on 06/19/15 and though both were from the ToAlice webshop, the mermaid dress is by "Doll Paradise" and the jellies dress is by ToAlice.

The mermaid dress was on preorder and my SS told me it would be a 30 day wait, and so it was! The jellies print dress was already in stock so it arrived to them super fast. The total, incl shipping to the SS and their fees, was about $120 for both the dresses and the purses. Unfortunately, the shipping was $55, but it was by Chinese EMS (the cheapest option) and the box was quite heavy because of the purses. The package was shipped 07/27/15 and arrived to me on 08/04/15.

This was my first time ordering through SpreeNow and it was a very easy process. Their agents are fluent in English and respond very quickly, and each item has it's own chat. I do recommend SpreeNow and will using their service again in the future!

Over all I'm happy with the quality of both dresses, the mermaid dress is very well lined and exactly as pictured, and so is the jellies dress. I actually haven't tried either of them on yet, so not sure what the fit is.

Everything was wrapped up in this sticky wrapping when I took it out of the box.

It was all well packaged and sealed.

Unfortunately one of the bags, which I thought to be red, is hot pink instead! I might paint it or something.

 The bows and skirt overlay are not detachable, but the neck ties are. This is the mermaid print by Doll Paradise and I ordered the mint colorway, it's pretty cute! Features a panel of shirring in the back--no waist ties, no lacing.

 Random bloody knife xD

I've been wanting a cute jellies print dress but this was the only one that I really liked that was also super affordable! Too bad the Jellies exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium is gone v.v
The waist ties and bow are detachable.

Well, thanks for reading and I hoped this gave some insight to the toAlice shop! Overall I had a positive experience and am happy with both of my dresses! Follow me on instagram to see them worn!