Monday, May 19, 2014

Never Before Seen! A fresh rap song written by yours truly~!

Hello my dears!

Recently I've started writing again. I used to write a lot, a LOT of poetry in high school, but after graduating and in all those next few years I completely stopped....the words just weren't coming to me anymore.
The music stopped.

A couple of months ago I wrote a pop song, which I think I'll share later, and a couple of weeks ago I wrote two rap songs! They're not your average gangsta sounding rap but....I was inspired by Iggy and Die Antwoord ^^;

Without further ado~ here is one of those songs! If anyone would like to drop some beats for it, let me know! Would love to collaborate! I imagine it as a slow/medium paced beat.

"Red Coupes"

Everybody be so quick to judge
They don’t stop to think
Their hardships cloudin they minds
Spilling liquor down the sink
I never said what wasn’t true
I put me all out bare
But bitches wanna talk talk talk
Its like no one fuckin cares

Hated school more than anything
All these basic bitches were so fake
Too absorbed in themselves
I could never even relate
Threatened me, hurt me, my insides
Got burned yo
But look at yall now
Same place you left off now

Riding in his red coupe
Money easy, got that juice
No care for the past dues
I’m all over you
[x 2]

Closet full of pastel sweets
modesty brought me Lolita treats
chocolate prints and pink roses
society cryin like i be broken
Angelic Pretty BTSSB
All my favorites hang pretty for me
Do whatever makes you happy
you struggled for it so you can be


Mom and dad put in long hours
I worked my ass off to get through college
just to land a gig of a few more dollars

but now it’s all becoming clear
sparkling crystals on chandeliers
glitter be turning into gold
you can get it, girl
just gotta be bold

[chorus] [x2]


I know it's sort of cheesy but let me know what you thought! x3