Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mitsuwa Meet! + mini haul +First Ramune ever video!

Hello dears! I really need to get back in the habit of blogging more regularly...
Today I went to a local comm meet at Mitsuwa Marketplace, which is a Japanese market in Arlington Heights, IL.

It's got a Kinokuniya bookstore, a grocery store, a food court, and a bakery, as well as a Shiseido makeup counter and some other/smaller shops.

I didn't exactly wear lolita because my jsk is more of a casual sort~ it's short (I'm only 5'5/165cm)! Here's my coord:

 I'm wearing:
JSK: Innocent World
Blouse: BTSSB
Shoes: BL
Canotier: Rococo Soul
Star purse: Ebay

For lunch I had salty ramen! It was soooo yummy♥

Sadly, there is no photobooth I did this on my phone but here is a cute selfie of me and my friend Aubree-chan♥

And here are all my goodies!! The mochi ice cream got kind of melty by the time I got home xD
And I also got some slim pocky+ 1 more bottle of rosehip/peach tea but I gave them to my bf~

Aaaaaand I've never had ramune drinks before sooooo I decided to film a reaction video xD

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lolita Asks!

Hello dears!

I actually started this a while ago but since I couldn't upload pics directly from my phone at the time, I got lazy and never finished! So I finally decided to complete this and update it a bit too!

A: Do you own anything from Angelic Pretty?
Do I?! At the moment I have:
-Invited to a Party OP in pink
-Crystal Dream Carnival skirt, OTK, brooch and wristcuffs in navy
-Dobby bustier blouse in pink
-Polkadot Chocolate Salopette in mint
-Romantic Rose Letter SK in mint

-Promenade de Paris SK/socks/headbow in mint
-Musee du Chocolat OTKs in black
-Cherry berry bunny otk in white
-Ribbon otk in white

-Candy Sprinkle long sleeve hoodie &purse & OTKs
-Pink&polkadot purse, probably  lucky pack item

B: Do you prefer Baby the Stars Shine Bright or Alice and the Pirates? 

I would say BTSSB. I did own one AATP set, which was the new year's lucky pack, with the bunnies, but I find that the more serious/mature prints don't really suit I don't feel as happy and cute in them as I do with any BTSSB print.

C: Cutest accessory you own?

My Kuma kumya pochette and key strap! (mini kuma kumya)

D: Dream print?

Baby's Kuma Kumya-chan Sweet Chocolate babydoll JSK is definitely one of them but right now I'm not really actively desiring a specific print.

Kuma Kumya-chan Sweet Chocolate Babydoll JSK
Kuma Kumya-chan Sweet Chocolate Babydoll JSK
Kuma Kumya-chan Sweet Chocolate Babydoll JSK
Kuma Kumya-chan Sweet Chocolate Babydoll JSK
Kuma Kumya-chan Sweet Chocolate Babydoll JSK
E: Do you put together coords for various holidays? What’s your favorite?    
I haven't really had the opportunity to, I did once plan a coord for xmas but the dress didn't arrive in time. 

F: Do you have any lolita friends?
I do! I usually have a hard time making friends but I"ve talked to a few ladies online and made good friends ♥

G: Gothic or sweet lolita?

Sweet, sweet, sweeeeet!

H: How do you deal with getting “weird looks” because you’re dressed differently?

I just ignore it; usually people are just curious as to what I'm dressed up for, or why.

I: Do you think you ever went through an “ita” phase? Describe.
Yeah I think coord to acen wasn't very good. I wore wrist cuffs with an offbrand long sleeve blouse LOL. And I didn't have anything done with my hair either.

J: Take a picture of all your lolita jewelry!
I know this is more than 1 picture but I don't really have room to lay them all out nicely atm! I have more jewelry that I wear in lolita but these are the actual kawaii pieces, as well as one BTSSB bracelet. I've since obtained a Baby key necklace that Masumi Kano handed out at the Anime Midwest BTSSB tea party though.

K: Are there any other styles that you like, such as fairy kei, etc?
I like Fairy-kei, Otome-kei, and Gyaru-kei! I really like roma-gyaru, I have several Liz Lisa dresses I like to wear.

L: Are you lifestyle lolita? Do you wish to be one day?
I'm not a lifestyle lolita, I don't really have enough pieces to be able to wear something different every day, nor would that be practical. I would like to be one, someday.

M: Do you watch anime or read manga?
Absolutely! I've loved watching/reading since I was a kid.

N: Favorite new 2014 print?
Hmmm, hard to say.....a lot of lovely prints came out recently....I like the chocolate prints AP's been putting out!

O: OPs, skirts, or JSKs?

Skirts, because I think they're easier to form a casual coord with. Next up would be JSKs or Salos, and finally OPs.
P: Favorite place to go while dressed in lolita?

To a meet ^^;
I don't get to wear it anywhere else, except work, where I sometimes dress up to but even that is just otome and not full lolita. I don't get to wear it out on dates because my bf says I'm too dressed up and fancy and the places we go aren't "the place for that".

Q: Create your own question!
Eeeehhhh no I'll pass xD

R: Rate these brands from your favorite to least favorite: Angelic Pretty, Btssb, A&P, Innocent World, Bodyline, and Metamorphose!

1. AP
3. A&P
4. IW
5. Bodyline
6. Meta

S: Do you think Sugary Carnival is cute, or overrated?
Overrated. I don't know, I never liked it, to be honest. But I don't like any of the carousel prints except for DDC.

T: Favorite flavor of tea?
Rosehip! (either by itself or the rosehip&hibiscus blend)

U: Cute underwear or bloomers?

Well...both! I mean while in lolita you got to have bloomers either way.

V: Do you like to wear vests or cardigans?
I don't have any vests but they wouldn't match any of my stuff anyway. I do like cardigans a lot though.

W: Take a picture of your lolita wardrobe!

X: What’s the worst print or dress you’ve seen?
Ummm.....not sure....probably everything Milanoo xD

 Y: Upload a picture of yourself in lolita.

Z: What do you love most about lolita fashion?
I mostly like how it is a transformation, and how that transformation can make me really happy and seriously boost my confidence.It's been impossible for me to feel upset while dresses all cute!