Friday, July 17, 2015

[REVIEW] Sweet Loreley - Lyrical Poetry

Wow I haven't blogged in ages, been pretty busy with school!

So the other day my Sweet Loreley (Taobao indie brand) order finally arrived after waiting for...... 4 months.
I put in the order using Taobaoring at the end of February.
Apparently, there was a fabric shortage or something, so instead of the dress being shipped from Sweet Loreley at the end of May, it was shipped later in June.

This was my first time using TBR as well, and while the order process itself is easy, it was difficult to communicate with them, they were slow to reply.

I ordered the regular jsk (there was a long version too) and headdress.

There's an actual poem on the dress!

The fabric is chiffon-like but it isn't chiffon given that it's so wrinkled. Otherwise it feels nice. The lining of just basic white muslin, 1 layer lining. Construction wise it is solid and no loose threads or anything that looks weak or flimsy.

This is the pink colorway but the pink of the dress is sort of purplish. The front lacing is a baby pink. It matches BTSSB's chiffon pink.

I'm going to wear it to a meet tomorrow so I'll post a photo ^.^

Overall, I do like the dress a lot, there are butterflies and tea cups and jewels and flowers and keys in the print. However, it cost me about $133 and I don't think it's worth that much. The wait time was also really long so I don't think I will order from Sweet Loreley again.

Thanks for reading ^.^
Until next time!