Wednesday, June 18, 2014 Review!!

So the other night I came across this ModDeals website, not entirely sure how, but they had a lot of basics and cute pieces for very low prices. I decided to go ahead and order a few things; I got 3 tops and 3 pairs of shorts.

All 3 shorts are made of that thin, stretchy, denim-like material.
All 3 tops are larger than expected. They're supposed to be like t-shirts but they're the oversized-on-purpose kind. They didn't appear that way on the models, though. Guess I just overlooked that. Everything came packed separately in plastic bags, but it all came in a small box. They also threw in some free Suave samples!

I got all this for $60 including shipping ($6.99). Placed my order on 06/14 and it arrived today! Overall I'm happy with it. I'd buy from the site again :)

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