Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lolli&Pops haul + Dracula: Untold Review! *NO SPOILERS*

Hello all!

Yesterday my honey and I had a nice little date day~

My outfit, cause I felt like being super girly~

First we went to see a much anticipated film--Dracula: Untold!
We are frequent movie goers and since there hasn't been a dracula movie in ages, we were both very excited to see it!

SO here's my review of it:
1. Would you Recommend this movie?

2. Vampire movies are common, what was different about this one?
I think this is why I liked the movie--it wasn't much like the others. This one focused on the origins of the story--it showed us how Dracula came to be instead of a modern-day vampire.

3. Was it too short, too long, or just right?
I think it was alright, but if you go to see it (which you should), you'll understand when I say that the end leaves you wanting more and makes the movie seem too short!

4. Overall acting?
I think it was quite good, no amateurs or awkwardness

5. Overall visual effects?
I like that it wasn't overdone--what you see in the trailer is what you get. Personally, I don't like movies that sell themselves because of their effects (i.e every single Michael Bay movie).
In addition, the setting, like the castle, looks nothing like it does IRL--confirmed to me by a former local resident--my boyfriend xD

And for a bit of a spoiler--the ending implies a sequel. I definitely hope there will be one!

And now for my candy haul! Lolli&Pops is a candy shop at the Chicago Outlets Mall in Rosemont. I've been there before, but they've got a lot more Japanese candies now!

They've got 2 kinds of the candy-food making kits, the sushi one and the cookies/cakes one seen here, they've got plenty of Pocky too! There are 3 rooms for candy-by-the-pound stuff and I just got chocolate and some gummy candies. It's a bit pricey though, each of the bags was roughly $8, so not too bad. 

The shop itself is very nice, and nicely organized, and the staff is pretty nice. One of them was fawning over my outfit, saying it was so adorable and since they made that remark every time I passed by it made me feel slightly annoyed/uncomfortable but they weren't being rude or anything like that.

I think I will stick to getting Ramune at Mitsuwa, tho, because I'm fairly sure it costs less than $3 each there. Not much less, but still! My bf tried one of the orange ones, he says it tastes just like Fanta!

In other news, I'm now learning French on Duolingo! A bit tough since it's totally new, but the app is great!

So, au revoir et bien nuit!

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