Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sketchers Lunacy Dragon Tattoo boots are here! + my first Putumayo skirt~

Yes, well my boots arrived today! I ordered them from Shoebuy.com. They also have them on 6pm.com (great HD photos there from all angles!) but sadly they didn't have my size. Amazon also has them but they cost more--mind you, Amazon lists them as made of leather but they're not (well, it's fake leather).
I ordered a size 7, even though my foot measures 23.5cm, which is a 6.5. They fit snugly with cotton socks, but aren't uncomfortable! I wore them a bit about the house and they're very comfy!

 OOTD (with different boots though):

As for my skirt, I bought it off the EGL comm sales, and I think I'm totally done with tracked packages from Canada--this one had no tracking and arrived in one week (yesterday)! The brand is Putumayo but I have no idea if this piece has an official name. Either way, I ♥ butterflies!

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