Monday, April 15, 2013

Urban Decay 50-for-50 Review!

In celebration of rediscovering this blog that I had completely forgotten about, I have decided to do a review on the Urban Decay order I just received today! Urban Decay is currently running a "Spend $50, get $50" promotion, so I decided to take advantage of it, and ordered the NAKED2 palette. I placed my order on April 10th, and chose the USPS Priority Mail option, which was free for order $50+.

The items arrived safely in a box stuffed with Styrofoam peanuts (I don't have a photo, sorry!), and everything was wrapped up (click photos to enlarge!):


When I unwrapped the first layer of tissue:

Close-up of the natural shades card:

Inside of NAKED2 Palette--the mirror isn't funky, there's a film over it!

Bonus bag is a zippered travel bag:


And the contents:
-Primer Potion sample
-Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup sample with a shade matching card
-All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray ($12)
-Eyeshadow in the shade "Sin" ($18)
-Supercurl Curling Mascara ($20)

So altogether, the bonus items to add up to exactly $50! Even if they didn't, it's always nice to get free stuff :D

I am pleased with the order, and I really can't wait to try out my new palette!
Although...after paying so much I kind of want to use is sparingly! It is my most expensive makeup item right now. I do think it's going to be worth every penny, though.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it! ♥

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