Monday, July 29, 2013

New Liz Lisa Dress & New Shoes!

I totally caved and bought this OP off the Gyaru sales group on FB. The fabric isn't what I expected, though I didn't ask the seller anyway. It's a soft, terry-kind sort of material? Hard to describe. Either way it's super adorable! I also was looking for shoes to match this and another LL OP, and the beige ones I actually first saw on YesStyle, going for about $40. I just happened to look in a girl's lolita sales album and lo and behold she was selling the same exact shoes, in my shoes, for $15! She was also selling the brown pair so I just bought both! Luckily, looks like both match with this dress. Sadly the brown pair fits a bit tightly but perhaps if I don't do too much walking I'll be fine ^^;

I hope to be able to show you guys a worn pic sometime later, and I'd like to show my current LL collection in my next post!

Til then~

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