Wednesday, July 31, 2013


So I did say I would do a little outfit post in my previous post, but my Pretty & Cute order arrived today and I just wanted to give you guys a super quick review!

I ordered the Liolele Dollish Veil Vita BB in Natural Green, because it was on sale for $14.30 that day (it still is now).
It arrived in a box that was a bit large for such a small item, but the item arrive safely. I placed my order on July 28th, at night. It shipped the very next day, and arrived to me today (July 31st)! I chose the "economy shipping" option.

I also got the sample I chose--Liolele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base! For the pic, I know it's dark, it's already late here, but the BB comes as a small pump, I removed the cap so you can see. I haven't tested it out yet though, but according to it's description it also functions as a CC creme which is great! They do show what the product looks like next to the other shade of it, on P&C's Facebook page, give them a like and check it out! they're very friendly and responsive!

To wrap up--I would definitely recommend this store for anyone in the US looking to buy Asian beauty products. This was my first time ordering from them, and it was a great experience!

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