Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Korean Fest Chicago 2013!

Hello again dears~

Last Sunday, my friends and I went to check out K-Fest! I haven't been to it before and I had the day free so I wanted to go. There were soooo many food vendors and choosing what to eat was a bit tough! I finally settled on some BBQ chicken teriyaki and fried rice. Yummm!


 My coord for the day~ (awkward pose, I know) I wore my newest Liz Lisa dress! I was going to wear some high heeled wedges but I decided against it since it's a bit difficult to drive in them and I wasn't sure if my feet would hurt from walking around so much!

This was a group of Korean drummers, and yes that's McDonald's, they gave out free smoothies ha!

I ended up buying some herbal facial cleansing cloths, but that's it. I had hoped they'd have more cute Korean accessories but surprisingly there weren't any! Maybe next year~

Either way I had a good time with my friends♥

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