Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Liz Lisa Collection~ So far!

Hello dears! I waited for one more dress to come in before doing a small wardrobe post. I don't have a very big collection because I really just started getting interested in roma-gyaru fashion a couple of months ago and I've been buying only when I find a good deal. I've just picked up these pieces from the Gyaru Sales comms on LJ and FB. I've never had a problem with any of these transactions and all items are legit as stated! Right now I don't own any replicas and I'd like to stick to the original.

For those of you reading this who don't know much about Gyaru fashion, I'd encourage you to do a bit of research! There are many sub-styles, and my favorite is called roma-gyaru (romantic gyaru) and himekaji! These sub-styes are characterized by floral or solid main pieces, or a general sweet, girly, classic look.
I absolutely love florals, especially Liz Lisa ones!

Without further ado~
 The one on the left just came in today, it's a super cute summer dress!
The on on the right was my first LL dress. It's a fall/winter piece, made of soft fleecy material.

These I received in order from left to right. The first dress on the left is a cute, chiffon-like material and great for summer! I wore it for my graduation dinner with my family!
The one in the center is perfect for summer too, it's a soft, light cotton material. I wore this one for Independence Day!
Last but not least, the one on the right I received recently too,and I would say it's best for fall or spring, even winter. The sleeves are of a soft cotton, and the floral/brown parts are a soft fabric, not fleece but that terry/velvet kind? Not sure what it's called xD
The skirt bottom is made like a bubble dress, so it's pretty cute, and there's a big detachable waist bow at the back!

I'm planning to wear the newest dress for the Korean Festival this Sunday. Hope I can take lots of pics to share! 

Bis Sp├Ąter~~♥

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