Thursday, January 16, 2014

Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle 2014 Lucky Pack!!

Hello dears~

Today I received my AP Candy Sprinkle LP! I purchased it from the SF store, thru an SS. I purchased the Salopette set in lavender, so without further ado....the pics!

Here is the tote it all arrived in, it's a fabric-like tote, really big!

These are all the items~ my only complaint is that the purples of each item don't quite match (that's why I overlapped them like this). The barette and salo match, but the long sleeve shirt is slightly off and the socks are totally off.

Print close-up:

Buttons on each side:

There is one pocket, on [your] right, and a zipper on the left. The salo is fully lined and the skirt part has that satin-like lining, but no "petti" or anything. None of my items have discoloration nor loose threads, nor any other damage I can see. Hopefully I can steam it tomorrow and try it on, and hope it looks alright!



  1. GORGEOUS! Hey if you ever want to sell it, send me a message ;)

    1. Yeah it was really cute but a bit too sweet for me so I ended up selling the salo+barette back in March but I kept the socks, shirt and purse :3