Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Yay mail! Tokidoki haul + new Minifee head + Alice&The Pirates Lucky Pack!

Finally! My packages!

Today I'm really excited because after this horrible freeze which caused airports to shut down, USPS finally delivered my packages!

The first small box contained my awaited Minifee Karsh head!  This is technically a male sculpt but I want to do a female faceup on it. A much needed practice head! I'll have to wait for temps to go well above zero because I hate going out in the cold to spray sealant v.v

Onto the bigger box, which contained my Tokidoki haul!  I got Stellina and Donutella plushies, a unicorno phone charm blind box, and a plush Donutella&Friends blind box!

In the unicorno blind box I got this military unicorno! It comes with a dust plug and the little strap which are both removable, and I decided to use the dust plug so unicorno can be on my phone :3

In the Donutella&Friends blind box I got the little donutperson by Stellina! I forgot to take a separate photo of her ^^;
She's really cute, I was going to use the plush on my keys but it would get I won't.
 I love them all, so cuddly!

As a free gift, Tokidoki included 2 hairclips and three stickers!!♥

I placed an order online on Dec 30th and it wasn't shipped until Jan 3rd due to the holiday, and then because of the weather it only arrived today, even though it was priority mail 2-day. I'm happy with my order and I would order from them again!

A little belated but....

I didn't blog about this one separately, but I did receive my Alice and the Pirates Lucky Pack Jsk Set I right before Xmas. This is the winter lucky pack and even though Baby said they'd ship after the new year, they shipped like a week after I paid, and it arrived literally 2 days after they shipped it. I haven't unwrapped the blouse, but it's the high-collar version, not the pan collar one.

The lucky pack included everything in the photo: the jsk (waist bow and waist ties are removable), eyepatch, headbow (wired), OTK socks, and the purse. I absolutely love the purse, I've been using it since I got it. It's very spacious and cute! The jsk is shirred in the back, and there are no zippers.
As soon as I found out about the lucky packs not being variety packs, I just had to get one!

I also hopped on the Angelic Pretty lucky pack bandwagon so when that arrives I will definitely post! I purchased it in store, through a shopping service, and she will mail it to me over the weekend so I should have it sometime next week.

Til then~

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