Friday, January 24, 2014

Fun Package Firday! well...sort of!


I am a sick poop this week! I caught a cold and it's finally getting a bit better but my nose is quite stuffy and I keep sneezing all the time! Well I'm prepared to combat it.....

So this week I didn't get much at all in the mail, though I got my most recent Liz Lisa purchase:

Which is actually a replica but I never see this dress pop up on the sales comm, so when it does I'll purchase the legit and sell this one! Though, this replica is nicely made and even has an original Liz Lisa tag....however, the little white tag with washing instructions says "Liya Lisa" lmao.

The other thing that came in today is my Longevity in a Bottle! I found out about this product from Kirsten aka Kiki Kannibal's Youtube channel and decided to give it a try because I feel like my energy levels just aren't even close to how they used to be. This is the 20 gram bottle, because I just want to try it out. The larger bottles cost significantly more ^^;
I hope it'll help me through periodic depression and the horrible PMS I usually get.
My nose isn't smelling things all that well but this powder smells very earthy, and kind of nutty too.
I wonder what it tastes like, but I'm going to start taking it tomorrow. Tonight I'm taking the Alka-seltzer plus and I don't know how that and the herbs are going to mix!

I'll update on this product in a few weeks ;3

I also started a new youtube channel myself, mainly so I can put all my beauty/fashion subscriptions in one place, and so far I have one video about my bunny which you should check out if you have a bunny too!
I'm sort of...well, really shy so I don't know what else I'll be uploading but I'll leave that for when this darn cold is gone xD and I am looking for gyaru or lolita blogs to subscribe to so please link me to yours or a cool one you know of, in a comment below!

That's all for this week, ciao♥

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