Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Top 10 Beauty Favorites of 2013!

Hello again dears,

I decided to just do a quick list of some of my beauty favorites. I've been using some these for over a year.

These are my top 10 but their numerical order has no significance:

1. It's a 10 - This is a 10-in-1 hair product that is basically a leave-in conditioner. I love this product because it acts as both a conditioner and heat protector, as I use it before blow-drying. It's a little expensive, I believe I paid about $20 when I bought it from a salon.
2. Suave Moroccan oil - Even though this was only about $4, I really love this product. It is perfect for smoothing out frizz, smells lovely, and absorbs fast! I usually use this one after I've blow-dried, and I will concentrate it on my ends to prevent splitting, and mid-shaft. The remainder that stays on my hands, I just rub in until my skin has absorbed it, works nicely as a hand moisturizer!
3. Purpose face cleanser - This is a hypoallergenic product I've been using for years, for my skin allergies. It foams up very well, leaves no scent or residue, It's about $7.

4,5&6. Shea Moisture- Although these are three products, I'm just going to comment that overall, this line is awesome. It's paraben free, smells lovely, and moisturizes great! However, I have found that the Bubble Bath&Body wash olive &green tea (the green one) moisturizes much better than the Calming milk body wash. The body butter lotion in the center smells so nice and keeps you moisturized all day long!

 7. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Oil Free Moisturizer -  This is my favorite find of the year. I came accross this while searching hypoallergenic face creams online. Previously I used the Purpose moisturizer but I was getting tired of the consistency and smell (SPF smell) that it has. I found this product at Ulta for about $18 but it does sell at Target too, for $21. I have been using it all year, twice a day, and it's still not empty!
It is a very light, milky cream that absorbs quickly and makes you feel refreshed!

8. Lioele Dollish Vel Vita BB Creme - I bought this to try it out, it was on sale and I've never used a Korean BB creme before. I love this product, it is so light but provides coverage ALL day long! It comes out light green but the particles match your skin right away once you distribute it over your face. I love that it does come in the green tint because it helps cancel out my natural redness.

9. Urban Decay Naked 2 - I use this palette whenever I do my makeup, the shades are so well pigmented and they stay put all day. They're also really versatile, you can do a lot of different looks with it! I just hope that when the Naked 4 comes out, if it ever does, that it contains one near-white shade. The light shades in this palette just blend in with my skin, and don't show at all since I'm quite pale.

10. Last but not least - Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive. This one was about $5, I bought it because it had great reviews and was latex free. I previously used a brush on Ardell glue but it was total crap, This one goes on white, then turns blue and then clear, you don't have to wait long, in fact I blew on it once and applied the lash right away and that was all it took. It held the lashes on just fine, all day long!

And that's it, these are my top 10, hope you enjoyed and maybe found some new products you'd like to try out!

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